So it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on here, but in that time I have learned a lot. I began pattern testing for several designers, made a ton of garments, and most recently, made my own pattern! Pattern testing has been such a wonderful experience and I am so happy that Kathleen (@LeRooCrochet) took a chance on me and had me test a pattern for her (check out the #OnceUponADreamShawl if you are curious what it looks like). I have made many friends through testing and ultimately, they are the reason why I felt confident enough to actually write down a pattern and publish it for the whole world to see! Kathleen also partnered with me for my design, the Audrey Tank. She sent me the most stunning yarn to work with and I hope that I did it justice. Enough about me, let’s take a closer look at Audrey!

                Audrey is a Tunisian crochet design (yep that’s right, I learned to Tunisian crochet too in my absence) and is the perfect every day comfy tank top. She is cropped length, but that’s customizable so if you want it longer, its definitely possible, worked in 2 panels with some simple seaming at the end. I love wearing her with some high waisted jeans or shorts since it’s always hot here in South Florida. I designed Audrey out of a need in my wardrobe. I love wearing my handmade items but a lot of them are just too hot for the weather, I wanted something a little breezier and light weight for everyday use. I ended up making two different versions but ended up going with the second, more polished looking one. Audrey is designed with 4 to 6” of positive ease so she is on the looser side for just enough comfort without looking too baggy. I have graded this pattern in 9 sizes and am more than happy to grade to your size if you just let me know ? I want this pattern to be perfect for everyone!

                I was lucky enough to be sent hooks from We Crochet so I got to try out their Radiant Wood Tunisian Hooks for this design and they were so amazing to work with. Super smooth and very easy to work into stitches. Another benefit to getting a whole set as a beginner Tunisian crocheter is that you can swatch with multiple hook sizes to make sure you are meeting gauge. These are the hooks I used (hooks)but they do have other Tunisian hook sets.

Radiant Wood Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Interchangeable Hook Set

by WeCrochet Design Team

                Lastly, its my time to gush entirely about the yarn that I used for this pattern. Kathleen sent me some of her cotton DK in the colorway Faded from her Weather Worn collection. This yarn is the perfect bridge between colorful and neutral making it exactly what I wanted for my everyday essentials tank top. I also made a sample in her Spilled Wine colorway and that one is also gorgeous and the neutral pink goes with everything! I love using cotton yarn because it is the perfect fiber for hot weather and it also is great for avoiding wool allergies. She always has yarn in her shop and she releases new collections each season so there is always something fresh to see. The best part is that she keeps her colorways around, they are not there for one collection and then gone, so if you order some and then realize you need more, you can still get it. Her cotton also has amazing drape and shine so your garments come out looking amazing. You can find her yarn here:

                Audrey is available here, Threadfolio and Etsy. I hope you enjoy making this tank as much as I did and I would love to see your finished tops. Please tag me on Instagram @yarnfixation and use #AudreyTank so I can see and share your posts ? Below you can see my lovely pattern testers in their tanks and see all the different ways they styled them. Some of them adjusted the length so you can see some non-cropped versions in there. They also used a wide variety of yarns and they all came out amazing! As always, check out their Instagram pages and show them some love because they deserve it, these ladies worked many hours with me trying to get this pattern as perfect as possible. You will notice however that I don’t have testers for every size, so if you are interested in testing out size 5-9 please reach out to me either through Instagram or by emailing me at so I can send you the pattern in exchange for your notes!

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