While I was doing some Black Friday shopping at Michaels I came across Bernat Velvet yarn and I instantly wanted to surround myself with its wonderful softness and stay there forever. Instead I bought enough to make myself a cardigan. I wanted to make some of my friends some small gifts to add to their stockings so I decided to make them scrunchies. After browsing some different patterns I wanted to try to make one of my own (for the first time ever). This is what I came up with and I think it worked out well.

I liked the idea of treating the hair tie like a magic ring and crocheting into it. Doing it that way means I only had 1 end to weave in when I was done which is a definite win for me.

I saw other patterns that used double crochet stitches but they just didn’t have the textured appearance I was looking for so I did a second round with both back post double crochet and then around the same stitch a front post double crochet. This really thickened up the stitch and gave it the interesting texture that I love

This pattern is easily adjustable depending on the size of the hair tie and also how ruffled you want your scrunchie to be. I made some with 40 double crochet stitches (the cream and the blue) and some with 35 (the red one).

Stitches Used:

  • Sl St: slip stitch
  • Ch: chain
  • Dc: double crochet
  • Bpdc: back post double crochet
  • Fpdc: front post double crochet
  • F/O: fasten off


  • Hook size J/6mm
  • Bernat Velvet Yarn (this is a bulky weight yarn and could be substituted)




Note: This pattern is worked in continuous rounds. You may need to adjust the amount of stitches based on the size of the hair elastic as well as the weight of yarn you use and the hook size.

Round 1: Sl St on to hair tie

Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as first double crochet). Dc into hair tie 39 times

Round 3: Bpdc around Ch 3, then fpdc around the same stitch

Round 4: repeat round 3 around entire hair tie

Round 5: Sl St into first stitch and F/O. Weave in any ends

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