So I’m sure if you are even slightly interested in crafting or even if you just love seeing beautiful home decor you have seen chunky merino wool arm knit blankets. I saw them everywhere and became obsessed with them. I however don’t know how to knit, with my arms or with needles, so I started doing some research into how to make them. While doing this I realized that this yarn is typically incredibly expensive which led me to wait awhile before delving into this project. 

I eventually decided to give Premier Couture Jazz Yarn a shot, it looked pretty bulky and it came in red which is what I wanted. So after making it and remaking it probably 4 times, I was happy enough with how it looked (except for the cast off part, which I still struggle with).


Premier Yarns

Couture Jazz

Finished Blanket

Midori keeping warm with his new favorite blanket

With this blanket I learned a few things, first, I am not crazy about the long tail method of casting on. Second, I prefer having even stitches which is impossible with my arms. And finally that I wanted a fluffier, larger yarn. After putting this project on the back burner for a couple of months I went into Michaels and found their Loops & Threads Free Spirit Yarn.


Loops & Threads

Free Spirit

This yarn was exactly what I wanted, it came in a few different colors which was great (because I am just not a white or cream colored blanket type of person). So the yarn problem was solved. Next was the even stitching issue, so I decided to get some PVC pipes to use instead of my arms. I started with ¾” pipes but ended up going with 1 ½” because the stitches were too tight. I found another casting on method (the knit cast on) and got started on my blanket.

As for solving my casting off problem, I found it easier to just pull all of the stitches off of the PVC and cast off by hand, this prevented the stitches from being too tight and gave the blanket even edges.

It took about 2 hours per blanket and I used 3 skeins of yarn for each. They are wonderful and many of my friends and family will be getting them for Christmas this year.


Cat Toy

Crocheted cat toy with left over yarn

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